About the TECH7000 Brand Aluminum Wrenches Unique eutectic alloy


TECH7000 Series – 713 Tenzaloy™ light weight, non-sparking, corrosion resistant, high strength tools Made in the USA !

We are a Wisconsin based supplier of tools used in the Dairy, Gas, Oil, Mining, Chemical and Bulk Tank Industry.  

Our TECH7000 series of light weight high strength 713 aluminum alloy wrenches are manufactured here in Wisconsin to standard SAE specs that meet the durability requirements of the most demanding applications. 

Locally owned and operated by Alltech Distributors, LLC .

AluminumWrench.com strives to provide high quality industrial grade hand tools . All of our TECH7000 series wrenches are sand cast here in South Eastern Wisconsin, using the highest quality materials required to ensure that our tools can take the stress needed to get the job done.